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March 15th 2018 at 14:00 GMT
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The Problem
The online advertising world isn't fair. The most popular online advertising companies can take up to 45% of an advertisers budget before they even start running ads. And take up to 25% commission from publishers on the money they generate.
The global annual online advertising spend is
50% of that spend, that's over $100 billion goes to:
3-5% Bank Fees
5-10% Payment Processing
25-35% Platform Fees
$100 Billion in fees
The Solution
adCircle, a decentralized online advertising platform that eliminates the middle man and takes back the 50% in fees lost by advertisers and publishers.
Publishers Start Getting Paid What You Deserve
Don't be forced into low advertisng commission rates for your hard work. You set the price of what advertisers should pay you to advertise.
Advertisers Pay Less Fees, Get More Views
No middle men cuts the costs of banks, payment processing and platform costs that would usually take up to 45% out of an advertisers budget.
Publishers Your Earnings Make You More
Publishers are paid in adCircle tokens (ADO), which overtime can increase in value, meaning money earned will generate you more profit.
Advertisers Directly Matched With Publishers
Advertisers are directly matched with publishers that are related to what they are advertising. You control which websites run your ads and how much your willing to pay.
Cost Comparison
Centralized Platform
Payment Processing
Platform Fees
adCircle Platform
Cost Comparison
Centralized Platform
3-5% Bank Fees
5-10% Payment Processing
25-35% Platform Fees
adCircle Platform
0.5% Fee
Built On The Ethereum Blockchain
Token Distribution
During the token sale 75% of the total supply of adCircle tokens will be distributed. Each adCircle token will be priced at $0.05 USD. Unsold tokens from the token sale will be burned.
Token Allocation
75% Token Sale

9% Network

9% Reserve

5% Team

2% Bounties
All adCircle tokens which are held by team members will be locked-up for one year from the end of the token sale and then released 5% per month until their share is complete.
Use of funds
40% Development

20% Marketing

20% Reserve

15% Operational

5% Legal
40% of the funds raised during the token sale will go towards the current and future development of adCircle to help us create a more advanced platform for both advertisers and publishers. 20% of funds will go to marketing the adCircle platform to gain a wider audience around the world. Another 20% of funds will be held in reserve. This reserve fund will help cover any unanticipated costs we may run into. 15% of funds will go towards the daily running and operational costs of the adCircle network. The final 5% will go towards legal expenses.
Token Sale Information
Total supply: 2,000,000,000 ADO
Available during token sale: 1,500,000,000 ADO
Softcap: 25,000,000 USD / 500,000,000 ADO
Hardcap: 75,000,000 USD / 1,500,000,000 ADO
Payments accepted: ETH
Min Purchase: 100 USD in ETH / 2,000 ADO
Token: ADO (ERC20)
Unsold tokens: Burned
  • OCT 2017
    Idea to create a fair online advertising platform for advertisers and publishers based on a blockchain network
  • NOV 2017
    Begin development of the adCircle advertising platform and the ethereum based adCirlce (ADO) token
  • JAN 2018
    Website development and launch
  • MAR 2018
    Start of the adCircle token sale
  • APR 2018
    End of the adCircle token sale
  • MAY 2018
    Final development and testing of adCircle platform and the adCircle (ADO) token before public release
  • JUL 2018
    adCircle platform public launch and adCircle (ADO) tokens released
    Continue development of the adCircle platform, branching out into new areas of the advertising industry.
  • Team
    We are a UK based team that are passionate about future technologies and the world of crypto. We have assembled the best team possible to develop the adCircle platform and take it to the next level of online advertising.
    Howard Williams
    James Clark
    Co-founder / Developer
    Tim Wright
    Lead Designer
    Jason Young
    Platform Developer
    Henry Jones
    Carla Tomas
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